Kalmthoutse Heide - about three weeks after the fire

On the 25th of may 2011 a terrible fire destroyed a lot of nature on the "Kalmthoutse Heide" (heatland of Kalmthout) in Belgium. It took the fire-brigade several days to put out the fire, and for days, noone was allowed on the 'Kalmthoutse heide', because of the very dry weather, and danger for fire.

This week a small area of the "Kalmthoutse heide" was again open for public. I was able to take some pictures of nature there, trying to recover from the terrible fire-disaster. Let's hope things will be ok again soon.

Kalmthoutse Heide.JPG




Kalmthoutse Heide2.JPG




Kalmthoutse heide3.JPG




Kalmthoutse Heide4.JPG


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